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The Power of Manifestation

Manifestation is like real-life magic. I learned about this many years back, but it wasn’t until the last year or so that I noticed how good I am at it. Truthfully, we manifest things every day. Manifestation comes from the power of thought. Positive or negative, your thoughts manifest, which is why focusing on the positive thoughts are so important.

Now, notice I said focusing on the positive thoughts and not “stop thinking negative thoughts.” Because the truth is, it is impossible to stop negative thinking 100%. Your ego is here to protect you, and those thoughts may serve us a purpose. By the Law of Polarity there must be both positive and negative thoughts so that you may choose which to focus on.

I don’t remember exactly when I first learned about manifestation. But around December of 2019, less than one year ago, I attended a female entrepreneur meet-up and it was life changing. An event I almost did not attend because I was feeling really low about myself and unworthy.

I did a lot of dating in 2019, trying to find my soulmate. I also had made it a mission to start working for myself more, which was growing so slowly I felt like it wasn’t ever going to really happen. I was making $25,000 a year busting my bum at a spa and for myself, always waiting for my next paycheck. I had also just gotten rejected by a guy I liked for the second or third time that year since I started dating. I felt like this was my life and it’s not going to change.

So back to the meeting, the girl-bosses were talking about podcasts and I asked for some recommendations. This girl Taylor, owner of Witchy Washy Bath Co recommended listening to Manifestation Babe (turns out she had an inkling to suggest it to me and she shouted it out immediately). My life from that moment changed for all the greater good and I constantly remind Taylor of this, lol.

I fell in love with podcasts from then on and have been consuming as much information about manifestation and the power of positive thinking and intention since then. I have since had negative thoughts, as we all do, but I choose to focus on the good and what it is that I want. I’ve read the Power of Intention by Wayne Dyer, Think and Grow Rich and Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill. I’ve listened to Manifestation Babe and Upgrade with Taylor and soooo much more.

I practice these tools all of the time now and you can learn them by a simple Google search. (The Secret is a popular book/movie about the Law of Attraction, which I would say is in a way synonymous with manifestation). I’ve also been working on my mindset for the last 6 years but I have really UPLEVELED my mindset in the last year.

Now here is my personal experience of some of my greatest manifestation successes so far. Sometime in 2019, before I dove into manifestation podcasts and practices, I journaled my desire of doubling my income, going back to school, working for myself AND working five minutes from my moms home where I currently live. I wanted my office to be in or near a Chiropractor's office, which is something I love referring to my massage therapy clients. Until the summer of 2020 (when I accidentally found this old journal entry), a year or more from this journal entry, I totally forgot about writing that.

Now in October of 2020, I have graduated from a six month coaching program (essentially it was like back to school), I rented an office in a Chiropractor's office that is TWO minutes away from my moms home (better than I asked for!), and I’ve been working for myself completely for the last two months. I suppose we shall see by the end of the year if my income doubled, but so far working for myself I am making much more money in LESS time than I was working for a spa.

These desires for my business didn’t happen when I wanted them for a reason. I had a lot of personal growth to do and I needed an actual business plan. When COVID shut down the state of New Jersey, I was grateful to have my health and take time to work on my business plan. I also was grateful to have the government assistance. In working with Gradient.Associates, I realized that I’d probably have fallen flat on my face if I had just started my business without any prior planning. I also wouldn’t be in the same office I am in now because he had a massage therapist in there at that time! And truthfully, I am teamed up with an amazing chiropractor.

As far as dating has gone, well there was a lot I’ve had to learn about myself. First, I learned to truly love myself and have manifested a great deal of Self-Love on my own and with the help of my health coach, Laraine. Next, I have taken the last year to truly figure out what it is I’d like in a partner. I set boundaries with myself and have learned to be completely honest with myself and other people. I will say that each guy I dated has been an upgrade from the last. Though I haven’t been committed to yet or found the right guy, I know it’ll happen at the right time.

Have you read about or tried any manifestation? I’d love to know! Send me an email with some of your greatest manifestation successes. Also, working with a health coach is like having a manifestation guide! I can help you get clear on and reach your goals, and bring them to reality! If you’re interested, check out my coaching page. Hope you all feel soul well today and everyday.

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