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Self-Development: belief, faith & mindset

Self-Development looks like working on yourself to grow as a person.

Self-Development means really looking at who you are and how you can grow.

Often, Self-development is based on your goals (such as personal relationships, career/finances, education, etc).

The key to self-development is your belief system, sense of faith, & mindset.

Consistently taking [aligned] action toward your goals will help you along the way.

Although now I am, I wasn’t always a happy person.

My mindset was once one of scarcity, negativity, and I had a “can’t do” attitude.

I was insecure and lacked purpose. I was unhappy and never had the things I wanted: a thriving career, good relationships, the *perfect* body, etc.

As a teenager and even in my early 20’s, I felt like I was going nowhere fast.

(In hindsight, I took what I did have for granted. Of course, I realized this as I started to list things I was grateful for).

But it took an initial push, that enough-is-enough moment, for me to start being happy.

So around this time, probably 18 or 19 years old, I started a mission of understanding and dismissing my negative thoughts. Like anything else, this didn’t happen overnight!

My steps for self-development looked like this:

  • A regular meditation practice (sometimes daily, sometimes weekly, sometimes monthly, but either way, do it)

  • Exercising your body, building strength and flexibility

  • Reading countless books & articles on self-development (listed below)

  • learning to live presently, embracing living in the moment.

  • Learning about the significance of your Mindset, the power of your belief system, & manifestation (laws of the universe!)

  • Embracing and practicing living the life I desire (before actually even having it)

  • Ridding myself of limiting beliefs and switching them with beliefs full of possibilities

  • Making peace with and forgiving the past, myself and other people, including life events (clearing away old energy to make room for new)

  • Listing what you're grateful for regularly to create abundance

  • Becoming aware that my mind was running miles a minute and I became aware of the negative thinking; choosing to focus on the positive thoughts over the negative

  • Small steps towards the life of my dreams

  • Most importantly, I chose to no longer associate myself with the life that made me unhappy. I chose to make a difference in my own life, and I chose to believe my life would change for the good. I realized that belief mixed with faith is a recipe for success in all that you wish for and desire.

Let me tell you something important: you can't, NOT have negative thoughts.

Negative thoughts happen to everyone. Even successful and happy people.

It’s simply the ego protecting us, it’s a defense mechanism. It’s important to realize that it is okay that you have negative thoughts.

It’s the thoughts you choose to listen to that count. The feelings you focus on are what matters. The feelings you focus on and the thoughts you choose to listen to are what will manifest in your reality.

If you’ve read about me or any of my other blog posts, you are aware of how my mind has worked against me in so many ways throughout the earliest years of my life and how far I've come despite any challenges beyond my control. Over the years of developing a strong sense of self-awareness, I’ve transformed my mindset around money, health, my body image (Goodbye, body dysmorphia! Ciao, fear of poverty!).

Truthfully by changing my mindset around my body, money, and health, it showed up for me in the physical reality.

Self Development is a choice and it’s something we all have time for.

Let’s be honest, we blame the fact we haven’t started something on not having enough time.

The truth is, the “right time” will never become apparent and you’ll always have things to work on.

So, add self-development as a priority today.

Achieve the *YOU* you desire today by starting today.

As a certified Integrated Health and Wellness Coach, my approach to coaching is of a holistic nature, providing for your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs. Guiding and coaching you with self-development tools that I've implemented into my own life for the last NINE years. The tools that have helped me become the happy and fulfilled woman I am today

If you're interested in my coaching services, click here to book a free consultation or email me at

I would love to help you reach your greatest potential and feel fulfilled from the inside out. I am so excited to work with you.


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