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Monday Alignment to get Back On Track


Some #MondayMotivation: It’s time to get back on track, back into #alignment. Enough messing around, It’s game time!! Sound like something you need to hear?

Okay, Okay, I know it’s been MONTHS since I’ve posted my last blog post… and maybe I will make a post soley about what the heck I’ve been up to (& what I learned along the way). But today, for the sake of getting back on track, I’m here to discuss how to get back in alignment with taking action toward your goals!

☀️ Whether summer-fun distracted you and you fell off your fitness routine, neglected your work, or forgot your self-care routine, or maybe life just kicked you when you were already down (Is there a box for “all of the above”?)… we all have those moments and getting back on track can be a little difficult. But, no worries the #selfcarequeen is here to help motivate you to get back on track to #feelsoulwell

🔅First & foremost - it’s okay. You’re ebbing before you flow again. Let yourself feel the emotions that come with feeling like crap after some time off track.

🔅Next make a list of all of the things that make you feel aligned again & pick 1-2 of them to add into your routine this week. Add 1 more thing each week.

🔅If life is fragile, then so are we as humans. Slowly ease yourself back into the routine… don’t dive head first into everything because you’ll just fall flat on your face and maybe end up worse off than you are right now. That’s why it’s important to add in 1-2 changes per week and not the whole list!

🦋I’ve been feeling off track lately so the first 3 things I decided to do was to give myself reiki, jog 3 miles, & make a weekly work plan. Jogging my neighborhood instead of driving to the gym gives me more time for planning out a weekly work plan. Giving myself reiki helps keep my mind straight and remove obstacles or limiting beliefs standing in my way. This for me is major self-care!

🦋Reiki & Reiki-massages are beneficial to helping you remove limiting beliefs, feel aligned, and are the ultimate self-care (plus it feels AMAZING!🥰).

Appointments are available Monday-Friday each week. Make an appointment by sending a DM or visiting Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions!!! Currently I am only accepting new female clients as I build up my practice as a women's safe-space & wellness practice. Thank you everyone for your continued support!!

I will hopefully be adding more blog posts, email campaigns, and all other goodies!

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