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Mindset & Manifestation

Whatever you think to be true, holds true.

So, if you’re thinking…

“I can’t lose weight.” “I can’t work out.” “I can’t make time.” “I can’t find someone who understands.” “I can’t move on.” “I can’t let go.” “I can’t forgive him/her/myself/that/etc.”

Or if you’re thinking...

“I’m too much.” “I’m too intimidating…”

If that’s what you’re thinking, then you’re absolutely correct.

Doesn’t feel so great, does it?

Well, what if instead you thought or said to yourself…

“I can lose weight.” “I can work out.” “I can make time.” “I can find someone who understands.” “I can move on.” “I can let go.” “I can forgive him/her/myself/that/etc.”

And if you start thinking...

“I’m absolutely perfect.” “I am attractive to the right people…”

I’ll tell you what, you’re still absolutely correct.

Even IF these things don’t necessarily hold true in your reality RIGHT NOW, there’s a really great chance this is all due to your mindset and how you talk about these things anyway. You see, our subconscious mind has so much influence on us that no matter what we say about ourselves or our reality will be BELIEVED by our subconscious.

Thus, our beliefs & feelings (about our goals/desires), manifest into our reality. Meaning, it will become true in our physical reality. If you feel and believe you can lose weight or find someone that understands, then it just may happen. Don’t ask me when or how, because that isn’t up to me or anyone other than the universe. But you have to believe it to be true and feel it the way you’d want to feel if it WERE true.

If you don’t believe me research manifestation and mindset.

I’ll give you two personal examples:

Example number 1: When I was ready to open shop and find an office for Soul Well’s massage and reiki services, I’ll say it came naturally to believe I would find the right office. I truly believed that I could find an office close to home that was to my budget and I enveloped the feeling of what it would be like to have such an office. It would feel exciting, convenient, and pretty damn cool.

I put in the work by researching and making phone calls (stepping a bit out of my comfort zone), and I FOUND IT! Two minutes from home in the best chiropractor’s office I could hope to be in.

Example number 2: Man, is this hard to write out publicly. After a few too many let downs in relationships, I was put under the impression (meaning told and convinced) that I was too bossy, too independent, too intimidating to find a guy. I mean I was literally told I was “too much” to attract someone. I’ve been told that by guys and people who care about me.

(Projection much?)

It hit me that this type of mindset and beliefs weren’t sitting right with me and I posted a question in the @manifestationbabes Facebook group on the subject.

I was met with amazing stories of women owning a business and meeting the right kind of partner who found their bossiness and independence amazing. They offered new affirmations and phrases to say, believe, and challenge my subconscious. They also offered websites and books around masculine and feminine energy (law of gender) and SO much support.

I was automatically convinced: F it! I CAN and WILL have it all. I threw away the previous belief systems as if it was physical trash and replaced them with new beliefs around the subject. I dove into reading about the law of gender and even picked up a few new habits while ridding myself of some old habits. I can be a boss, independent, AND have good relationships. The right person will find this attractive. I can have the perfect balance of masculine and feminine energy in my life (which is important for a healthy relationship!). I now feel how I'd want to feel in a relationship, with someone who understands me and loves all that I am and am working on.

Within one week, SO. MUCH. CHANGED.

I’ll just say that I’ve already met people who find what I do very attractive and aren’t afraid to tell me so. I’ll have to keep you posted on the rest ;)

Mindset and manifestation go hand-in-hand.


Believing and feeling the way you would like to is how you can live and #feelsoulwell. You live the way you’d prefer and you reach your goals by INVITING that energy into your life. Start with the feeling, then believe it, and then see it happen in your life. Remember that patience is a virtue and it can’t just happen on its own (yes there's action to be done).

If you’re not cool with this and don’t want to believe it, just continue on the way you’ve been living. No harm there!

But if you want to give it a try…

List a goal you have