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Feel Soul Well Reiki

Reiki is an energetic modality. By ‘energy,’ I don’t mean anything in terms of magic, or religion, or spiritual (although having belief in either of those things may add an extra spark!)

We are all made of energy

And energy moves, right?

Now, if i told you we have multiple energy systems in our body, does that help clarify my initial statement?

We’re made of multiple energy systems in and through our body- each moving in a way that keeps us in homeostasis (balance), healthy, well, and alive. Reiki’s goal is to work with our energy systems better known as Chakras. Chakras make up some of our physical, emotional, intuitive, intellectual, and ‘well’ ways of life.

  • Each chakra represents an area of life. For example, our root chakra, located at the root of our body (sits area), represents being grounded, stable, our basic needs like food, water, and shelter, and our emotional needs of interconnection

  • Our chakras are aligned like the rainbow:

  • Red Root Chakra, Orange Sacral Plexus, Yellow Solar Plexus, Green Heart Chakra, Blue Throat Chakra, Indigo/ Violet Third Eye Chakra, and White Crown Chakra

  • Each color and chakra pair symbolizes something, a representation or area of life

Now, to understand how what reiki does:

  • Think (lightly) about how you and your body felt the last time you were stressed, sad, exhausted, or “all over the place”

  • Think (lightly) about how you felt last time you were wired, lazy, overthinking about the past or future

  • (these are examples of unbalanced chakras)

  • Now compare those feelings to how you feel right now, or how you feel when you’re calm, one with love, happiness, and living in the moment.

  • Some of us can easily bring ourselves back to balance, that equilibrium state. The truth is, we are all capable of that. Even you.

Which brings me back to the main question- what is reiki?

  • Reiki is a hands-over body, and sometimes hands-on body modality. As the practitioner, I embody the energy systems within each client (and/or myself) to find, identify, and clear away blockages and/or imbalances

  • Imbalances can be over or under-active chakras. Blockages are closed or inhibited chakras, which can sometimes lead to dis-ease or illness

  • How do I do this?

  • The ability to perform Reiki is "attunements" passed down from master teachers. (Attunements can ONLY be passed down from master teachers and cannot be obtained from youtube, sorry). Once you have them, you’ll never lose them. They’ll always always be within you! This was once a practice so rare and expensive, and is now more common and affordable

  • How do I find or feel these? Through physical feelings (such as changes in body temperatures in a specific area), or intuitive messages channeled through your energy’s source. Sometimes I use Crystals as well! When I feel & find the areas in need of cleansing/balancing/opening (etc), I may share my feelings with you, ask relative questions or questions of curiosity, and discuss my theories with you. This is how we (yes you’re involved in this process!) identify the underlying ailment or concern that’s leading to your imbalance, feelings, and sometimes your dis-ease

  • I can and will clear away any blockages and/or imbalances found and identified. You will come to the service with an intention set (to heal/relax/find blockages, etc), and what you’ll walk away with is newfound knowledge of self, the responsibility of what to do next (meaning what to do to maintain this balance, prevent imbalances/blockages, and what to do when you feel “off” again (aka, when to return, because you are human and assistance is beneficial to every human). Clients always leave with a newfound sense of relaxations and ease.

  • I am one level away from my masters level, and my intention for when I am able to teach and pass on attunements is for you to learn to heal yourself and others, to be on with the source, because we’re all worthy of feeling Soul Well, always.

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