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Feel Soul Well Massage

I became a massage therapist for many reasons. One reason, which is common with many other practitioners, was because I once suffered an injury and found relief with massage therapy. I tore my right meniscus in 2013, and after healing from much-needed surgery, I found relief from massage therapy

I also became a massage therapist because of a strong calling to:

  • help and heal

  • Be the stepping stone and guide for bringing relaxation into your life

  • Bridge the gap during and after a person’s experience with physical therapy or other medical services (and often referring clients’ to medical health practitioners when necessary)

  • Guiding clients to make groundbreaking efforts and experiences in their everyday lives

  • Finally, to inspire others to make choices that are effortlessly healthy, empowering, and good for you, your soul, your overall well being, choices that are Soul Well.

Massage therapy is a physical service of therapeutic techniques. By definition, massage is the manipulation of soft tissues in the body. My goal in each session will depend on clients’ unique, individual needs, but will either be to create space in muscles that are tight or restricted, relieve pain, or destress the body, by promoting the relaxation effects of the body.

  • Massages come in different forms. They can be full-body relaxation or therapeutic services (aka, pain relief). Or they can be focused on one or two areas of the body, like Deep Tissue (Medical), or just due to a preference of one area.

  • My training was an extensive 650-hour program, focused on therapeutic massage therapy techniques, allowing me to become a certified and licensed massage therapist in New Jersey with a speciality in medical or deep tissue, therapeutic massage. My intention, founded in school and continued to grow thereafter, is to combine compassion, intuition, and listening skills with therapeutic, relaxation, and deep tissue techniques to provide the best massage therapy experience, unique to clients’ individual needs.

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