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Feel Soul Well Confident

Since obtaining my license in massage therapy, there was a certain part of my career that made me the most grateful. I love helping my clients feel [soul] well, taking their pain and stress away. I love that this is my career and that I’ve started my own business. But what I love the most is how much this career saved me.

Helping clients helps me. I’ve become so much stronger, physically and emotionally, by being in this field. When my clients joke around and call me their health guru, their coach, their healing fairy, it brightens my day and makes me feel one with God, one with the universe. Like I’m truly living my soul’s purpose.

I signed up with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) in February of 2020 (I had joined in 2014, but dropped out because I was in college right after massage school). I spent every moment of the coronavirus quarantine submerged in learning different dietary theories and new strategies to help clients achieve their health goals; such as body weight, better nutrition, exercise, and so much more.

As I talk to family, friends, clients, my own coach and my personal massage therapist, I hear myself tell my story over and over again. It’s taken me awhile to realize this, but I’ve found myself by searching for who it is that I want to serve. It’s me, I want to serve reflections of me.

Okay, now I sound a little wacky. Let me explain:

Joining a career in massage therapy was an idea that came to me following a knee injury I had in 2013. Massage therapy helped my body (post surgery) physically recover faster. Studying psychology at Rutgers was an idea that came because I wanted to understand my own brain, my own mental health, and others like me.

Finally, obtaining my health coaching certification through IIN was an idea that has come to me so others can achieve what I had: a healthy and fit body. Developing a deep understanding of nutrition foods and dietary theories, ridding myself of the “diet mindset,” feeling empowered by the food choices I make, and to stop obsessing about what is on my plate. I learned all about that and SO MUCH MORE! Throughout the course and even now, I’ve felt better, healthier, and the most confident in my life.

The key component was confidence. In all my years of creating Soul Well and following the steps to making my dream career come true, I have realized that I was searching for confidence deep in myself. I look at myself now and feel confident about my physical and internal reflection, on a level that has not always existed. I look at my career and feel confident that I can and have helped so many people heal and feel physically and emotionally better.

All along in searching for my dream career, it’s been around me the whole time. I was lacking confidence in that, in myself and in my career. As I reflect on my experience in studying and practicing my knowledge from IIN, I am so grateful for the confidence that I am doing the right thing. And now this is what I want to give back to others, to define their own self-confidence.

I want to help women gain confidence in themselves, in their physical and internal appearances, their career and ability. I want women to feel confident in their exercise regimes, their nutritional choices, in their relationships, education, and all other aspects of their health.

I struggled with confidence in my younger years. As I tell my story, I realize it is the insecurities built around my past and who I once was that was blocking my view of who I really am, today here & now. Knowing this is power for me, because I look back and can reflect on all of the tools I implemented in my life to create the confidence that is now within me. Not only from what’s on my plate or how much weight I lifted at the gym, but also my mindset, my relationships, boundaries, and so much more..

I am so excited to work with women to achieve the confidence they deserve, the confidence they’re worthy of. To help them have the mindset shift experience I had, to feel empowered by their nutrition & exercise habits, and work on themselves in order to reach their goals.

If you’re interested in working with me, whether virtually or in person (Old Bridge, New Jersey) send me an email at or book a free consultation by visiting the Coaching page on my website. Let me help you achieve the confidence you’re looking for and love every piece of yourself.

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