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Welcome to Soul Well

A transformational health and wellness practice for women offering

Self-Love focused Wellness Coaching & Reiki-Massages.

Apparel Now Available, too!

My name is Julie and I am a self-care enthusiast and a fitness lover. "Feel Soul Well" is the created phrase used to describe the way I hope & know you'll feel when you try my services and make the choice to transform your health and wellness. Implementing self-love & self-care practices into your regular routine will help YOU feel soul well.


Soul Well services provide a holistic approach to improve and maintain health and wellness. 

Located within Rallo Chiropractic Center in Old Bridge, New Jersey.

Located within Rallo Chiropractic Center
2698 County Rd 516 Old Bridge, NJ 08857

Monday 9:00-8:00
Tuesday 9:00-6:00
Wednesday 9:00-8:00
Thursday 9:00-6:00
Friday 9:00-6:00

To book appointments at 6 PM or later, contact Julie directly via email