About Me

My name is Julie Zingaropoli and I am an exercising-loving, self-care enthusiast, and integrative practitioner. I have always been fascinated by the mind-body-soul connections.

My mission and passion is centered around creating a safe space for women and helping women achieve optimal physical and mental health. 


  • Licensed Massage Therapist since 2014, a graduate of The Institute for Therapeutic Massage

  • Bachelor's degree in psychology, Rutgers University

  • Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

  • White Light Reiki Practitioner

I'm here to offer therapeutic bodywork, reiki healing, self-care, and self-love coaching for women seeking health-centered routines.


Becoming Soul Well

How I went from insecure, traumatized, and unhealthy to genuinely confident, strong, AND happy as well as a Licensed Massage Therapist and a Certified Health Coach

In my earliest teen years, I was bullied for my body weight, which led to my developing body dysmorphia-like behaviors. Being called fat and other really mean names caused trauma to my belief system. I let myself believe I’d never be happy with my body.

Up until I was 18, I avoided physical activity at all costs. I was entirely insecure about my body and too embarrassed to workout or participate in sports. I always found a way to be excused from gym class.

Though I always had nutritious meals made by my mom, I would eat a lot of junk food throughout the day and late at night. From 16-18, I gained 20 pounds of unhealthy weight. None of my clothes fit comfortably and what was left of my self-esteem crumbled. My mindset around my self-image and my self-worth were completely negative and insecure.

My 18th birthday was when I finally accepted that if I didn’t do anything about my weight and eating habits it would only get worse. I decided to swap the fast food, soda, and late-night eating with fruit, nuts, and water (even if it was late-night eating). I also committed to 45 minutes of cardio 4-5 times a week. I stuck it out and lost 25 pounds in just a few months! Even though I was only five pounds less than my usual weight, I was so happy and felt love for my body for the first time in my life. 

I started to love my new fitness routine. I started running daily and taking a kickboxing class with my sister. The class was fun and helped me gain muscle. In less than a year I had transformed my body and was even getting compliments by peers.

I thought I’d take it up a notch by running more and eating less which led to me becoming malnourished and tearing my meniscus. As much as it sucked at the moment, it was truly a turning point in my life.

The summer I was 19, I was couch ridden for two months healing from the meniscus repair surgery I had. I became determined to not continue on with an unhealthy relationship with myself, food, or working out. I researched nutrition, weight-lifting, strength training, and all healthy lifestyle changes. I read about massage therapy and thought it sounded like a cool career. While taking online college courses, I created a life plan of new and improved healthy diet habits as well as a strength and weight-training regime.

I started believing in the possibility of having my dream body and dream life (a shift from my negative mindset).

I also signed up with the Institute for Therapeutic Massage (ITM) for the upcoming winter.

When I was given the OK from my doctor, I took action on my new plan. I no longer obsessed with the number on the scale and developed muscles again. My body looked awesome and I actually knew it! 

I started ITM at age 20, which began my spiritual awakening. Spiritual Awakenings are not easy. In fact, they suck a lot of times. From years of being insecure came pent-up emotions and hidden trauma. I knew that to be a great Massage Therapist, I had to heal from my own traumas and pain. I was also determined to constantly work on my mindset which was still not 100% positively optimistic. I found peace and comfort through meditation and started practicing yoga. I joined therapy for a while, too.

After massage school ended, I went back to college and studied Psychology. I worked part-time as a massage therapist at a spa and continued trying out different wellness spas to work in.

However happy I was becoming, the story doesn’t end. I was then in a car accident that left me with more physical and mental trauma.

I spent the following six years healing from childhood wounds, teenage trauma, insecurities, limiting beliefs, and PTSD from that life-threatening car accident. I found so much healing in receiving and learning Reiki, meditation, receiving massages, eating a nutritious plant-based diet, yoga, weight lifting, practicing positive affirmations, and so much more. I was living my life’s purpose, feeling amazing, and feeding my soul. 

In January of 2020, I decided it was time to start my own business and hired gradient.associates to help make this dream come true. I came up with Soul Well when I realized I wanted to help people develop wellness on a soul level, much like I had. I wanted to become a guide and coach others through getting rid of their fears and insecurities, as well as their pain. I wanted to help teach people about nutrition, exercise, spirituality, and self-care. 

I chose the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) for that reason. It certified me to coach others using all of those tools and more. I reconnected with Laraine, a health coach I’d met in 2014 who had told me about IIN. I hired Laraine to be my health coach and she provided me the accountability and support that I love to provide for my clients as well. Since working with her I have gained so much confidence, worked through and forgave any residual traumas, tried new healthy recipes, let go of being a control freak and so much more! I’ve authentically become happy with myself and found so much healing in nourishment “off the plate” as we health coaches call it. With each session, I learn and take away something new.

This is why I love doing what I do, to help people similar to me and beyond that. I love guiding people the way I was guided and helping people realize they’re capable of confidence, happiness, and reaching their goals. We all have “off” days, but I have so many tools to get me through even the toughest day! By doing both the hard work and fun work, I’ve become and feel soul well every day.

If this story inspires you and you're interested in having a guide throughout reaching your healthy goals, check out my health coaching program