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Welcome to Soul Well

A transformational health and wellness practice for women offering

Self-Care Wellness Coaching, Massage Therapy, & Reiki.

Apparel Now Available, too!

My name is Julie and I am a self-care enthusiast and a fitness lover. "Feel Soul Well" is the created phrase used to describe the way I hope & know you'll feel when you try my services and make the choice to transform your health and wellness. Implementing self-care practices into your regular routine will help YOU feel soul well.

Soul Well services provide a holistic approach to improve and maintain health and wellness. 

Located within Rallo Chiropractic Center in Old Bridge, New Jersey.


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Monday 9:00-8:00

Tuesday 9:00-6:00

Wednesday 9:00-8:00

Thursday 9:00-6:00

Friday 9:00-6:00

To book appointments at 6 PM or later, contact Julie directly via email or phone call

Located within Rallo Chiropractic Center
2698 County Rd 516 Old Bridge, NJ 08857

(732) 588-8370